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About Us

“I couldn’t be happier with our occupational therapist from North Coast Therapy Associates.
She is even-keeled, has a good personality, and gets things done! Please keep her in my district!”

– a school district that has contracted with NCTA for over 20 years

North Coast Therapy Associates, LLC (NCTA) is a locally-based therapy practice serving multiple school districts in multiple counties. NCTA is known for its quality service delivery, experienced and knowledgeable therapists and therapy assistants, competitive rates, longevity within school districts and employee tenure. Half of the school districts served have contracted with NCTA for 20 years or more.

School districts contract with NCTA to provide OT and PT services as related services for students with an identified disability. Therapists work directly with the teacher and other team members to provide environmental modifications and learning strategies to maximize educational success in accordance with the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

NCTA therapists conduct assessments with the team and set goals and objectives in order to measure the student’s success in school. We have a referral process that allows directors to monitor the type and number of evaluation requests.

Ongoing training for school staff by our team may include in-services on sensory processing, fine motor development, positioning, adaptive equipment use, and transfer techniques.

Our staff is passionate and highly trained. They are licensed by the Ohio OTPTAT Board and the Ohio Department of Education and receive ongoing training and supervision.

In 2017, the Achievement Centers for Children acquired North Coast Therapy Associates, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Achievement Centers for Children.